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squint II
June 11, 2008, 10:26 pm
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Regarding yesterday’s blog post:

Things have changed.

I received an ominous picture message on my phone today. Out of nowhere:

“I am holding them ransom.”

As if that weren’t enough, shortly thereafter I received this chill-inducing voicemail:

“If you want to see your sunglasses again, meet us at the corner of Freeze and Madison with a bag of twenty dollars in unmarked quarters. I hope you take this message seriously.”

I will spare you, gentle reader, the details of my hellish adventure, and leave it only to say that my sunglasses are now safely back in my possession. They are slightly worse for wear as they were nicked by a shot from my bodyguard Matt’s .45, but it is a small price to have paid to have restored the status quo.

As for the other part of my post, I also managed to find opportunity to take a picture so that’s something.

Now I’m off to the grocery store to buy “cold pregnancy cereal”.

[ note: the image was distorted to protect the identity of one of the perpetrators. the audio is exactly as I received it ]

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There was gunplay? So, you got the shades *and* kept the quarters? Well played, sir.

Comment by Atox

For your cold pregnancy cereal needs, I recommend Shredded Wheat–the original, not the mini-wheats. Or if you are in the mood to truly embrace your inner pregnant person/old person, you could try Uncle Sam’s Cereal. It’s vile, but it has some positive side-effects which I won’t share with you.

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