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June 26, 2009, 8:08 pm
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So in case you’re not part of the twitterses or facebookses you may not have heard that we got a new cat. Well, technically it was Casey who paid the adoption fees, so … anyway, the point is that Barton lives with us now.

The strange thing about … yeah, I know, you can see in the picture that he’s carrying a ball. He fetches. Now I’ve known some cats that would fetch occasionally, but fetch is his favorite game of ever. He will fetch at least 20 times in a row before he starts to get bored, and he’ll be up for another game of fetch in an hour. We even have a video of Barton fetching so that you know Casey didn’t just Photoshop a ball into his mouth in this picture.

He loves fetching so very much that last night he jumped up into our bed with a ball in his mouth and dropped it between us. He did this not once but twice. I told him, “Barton, it’s dark outside. It’s dark inside. This is not the right time to play fetch.” He didn’t really want to hear it. He never wants to hear that it’s not time for fetch.

So there you have it – our pretty boy from the LA SPCA has a nice trick. Oh, hey, yeah, let me mention that the LA SPCA was wonderful. We got a cat, neutered and with all his shots, and microchipped, AND a bag of Science Diet cat food all for $75. That is, in my opinion, a hell of a deal, and we managed to save this soft white fluffy fetching lump from possibly being sent to his demise.

A little promotion
June 18, 2009, 10:09 pm
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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you’ve probably already heard about this, but if not, here goes.

Casey and I first visited Cure a few months ago. It’s a great bar near Uptown that specializes in proper cocktails and other delightful libations. In other words, it’s kind of the opposite of most of the other bars in this city that specialize in volume and drunken tourists, or tired locals wanting to lose themselves in happy hour. It’s a great place to try new tasty things and relax and have a conversation – oh, and it’s a non-smoking bar, so that’s an extra added bonus. Not to mention there’s a distinguished food menu as well.

Anyway, my first trip there I took some pictures and posted them to Flickr. The people that run Cure are pretty web-savvy and keep an eye out for any mention of their place, and apparently through diligent searches my images came up. The next time we visited I was actually stopped by Neal, the owner, who said that he liked my work and wanted to hire me to take the official promotional images for the bar.

Of course if you’ve been following my photography career (or specifically lack thereof) you’ve probably heard me say a hundred times that I don’t want to make this a profession for fear I’ll destroy the hobby I love, but I have to make an exception for a place that fills me with such joy. The ability to share a little of what I do in trade for the drink artistry they’ve shown us, well … it seemed like a good deal. I told Neal I’d do it in barter, not for pay.

And so I did, and I delivered many pictures, and he and Peter (his web designer) liked them, and several of the bartenders asked me where they could get copies, and so forth. But here’s the whole reason I’m writing – they have finally finished their website, so I can now show you curenola.com which features photography by yours truly. To be more clear, all the shots on the site are mine, and that thrills me to no end. I think Peter and his team did a bang-up job of utilizing my images to create the right atmosphere for the bar’s site. I couldn’t be happier to see my work used in such a format.

So there you have it – if you’re in or around New Orleans you must visit Cure, and you’ll see that it wasn’t through any sort of trickery that I created a smooth modern clean look for them. Neal very carefully designed the interior, the menu, and everything else, and it shows. Go check them out.

tiny little pictures
June 14, 2009, 4:55 pm
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I recently became the next-to-last person on earth to get an iPhone (we all know that Kenny Rogers will be the last, for reasons I’m sure I don’t have to explain). Yesterday I took a picture of the interior of a green bell pepper and sometime last night I thought, “Man, that would look good as a wallpaper for my iPhone.” Is it egotistical to want to use one’s own photography for the artistic decoration on one’s own phone? Well, regardless of whether or not that’s egotistical, the rest of this sure is.

While we were driving around today I thought of another picture of mine that I would want as a wallpaper, and then another, and suddenly it occurred to me that you might want them too. Excited, I came home and did this:

… that’s right, I found fifty-something of my favorite images and cropped them all to 320×480 (iPhone wallpaper dimensions) and then zipped them up and set them right out there on the internet where you can get to them. I of course uploaded them all to Flickr and put them in a set so that you could pick and choose as well, if that’s how you like to do it.

Admittedly some of them are Cookeville-centric – I’m not sure anyone but a Cookevillian can truly appreciate the flying car or the water tower. I hope you don’t mind. With the rest of them I just aimed for something abstract, weird, visually appealing, or all of the above.

So there you go – have some tiny pictures of mine. They’re for you, on the house. I would love to know if you use any of them, even if only for a day. Please leave a comment if you do.

June 5, 2009, 4:47 pm
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In case you were still wondering why this happened:

No tricks, no wires

it’s because we had a pineapple in the kitchen getting ready to go into this incredible recipe for pork tenderloin with pineapple mint salsa.

Okay so yeah that doesn’t really explain the image. I … um … I can’t really explain it either. I think I blacked out, I’m blaming alien abduction, and so forth.