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July 4, 2007, 9:24 am
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I honestly was starting to feel bad about talking so much about food and so little about my other experiences, but I’ve had several people tell me how much they like reading about what I eat (this is what we call culinario-vicarious living) and so I’m gonna keep it up. So there.

Yesterday I went to the beach again. I like to go at nearly 6:00 PM – the sun’s still pretty high at that time, but a little bit weaker so I don’t burn if I’m out there for an hour and I forget my sunscreen. In fact, I almost never wear it to the beach. Maybe a little on my face but nowhere else. Now if I were to go at noon, say, I’d be so covered in that stuff you couldn’t see my body. I’d look like a pupating moth. Mmm. But combine the late hour with the amount of time I spend at the beach (none, really) and I don’t come anywhere near even turning pink. So. That’s good.

Lots of vitamin D for me.

Last night I finished my homework and decided to take a good long walk since it had been two days or so since I’d gone out for exercise. Also it had been two days since I went looking for photo opportunities so I took care of that as well.

And then! Then I went to an ice cream stand and immediately negated all of my exercise with a little cup of cream-flavored ice cream. I swear. I’m going to whomp the owner of one of these joints over the head with a club and take them back to the US and make them open a stand here and I will reap the profits as everyone crowds around to enjoy my superb and superior ice cream.

Or maybe I’m just infatuated with the idea of liking the ice cream here. Both are equally possible, I suppose.

I started a discussion today in class (during the discussion period, of course) about how the tap water here is totally safe to drink. Apparently EVERYONE (who is not a Spaniard) thinks that it is not. This isn’t Mexico, people! I mean … um … no offense, Mexico. Apparently the rationale is that we’re within, oh, shouting distance from Africa. Ridiculous. It’s a municipal water supply! Treated with CHEMICALS! As we all know, chemicals make everything better!

Having mentioned Africa I must bring up and correct a previous bit of information that I have passed on to you. There are seasonal hot and dry winds here called ‘terral’ but those come from the interior of the country – the ‘tierra’ if you will (hence the name terral, get it, see how smart we all feel now?). The winds we’re currently experiencing are from Africa, yes, but aren’t technically the terral. So there’s that. I didn’t want you to show up here thinking one thing and it not being true and having to curse me for lying to you and making you the biggest fool in Málaga.

Um … um … other news. Oh yes, with regards to photography. My 50mm portrait lens has become my absolute lens of choice. If I have to take it off to shoot something I will put it back on when I’m done as opposed to waiting ’till later to switch out. I’m getting a bit obsessive. I still use my 20mm wide-angle with frequency but it’s just not the same. The 80-200 is reserved for very special occasions. NO VOYEUR JOKES ALLOWED.

I bet that made sense to all two of you photo jerks that read this blog.

Okay, wrapping up, here are Words About Food!

Tuesday: starter of a full plate of large white beans and two types of Catalan sausages that you can’t buy here but the Sr. has family there and so they bring back this stuff. One was white, one was black. Chances are the darker one was a blood sausage – in fact I’m certain it was – but by not asking I was able to avoid thinking and instead enjoy the hell out of it. The main meal was a ratatouille with a fried egg on top and a third kind of sausage (pink!) on the side. Mmmmmm. Dessert: yeah. You know.

Today: soup of spinach, pumpkin, carrot, onion, and a bit of soy. Well, she said there was soya in it but I couldn’t find or taste it. Maybe it’s a … um … I dunno. Soy powder. Main meal was a penne pasta with nothing but fresh tomatoes smashed into sauce – not heated, not with oil, just tomatoes – and a bit of chorizo and topped with some shredded cheese of the kind of ‘swiss’ variety. The plate side was boiled green beans and spinach. Des-

I don’t even have to type that part.

Okay! I … oh hey I forgot to mention that there’s a neighbor lady here who is trying to learn English so I went by yesterday for an hour to help her out and am supposed to return today in 45 minutes or so. After that I’m going downtown and if it’s still open I’mo hit up that barber shop and get me a harrrcut.

And then maybe just end up walking aimlessly as usual for an hour or more until I feel properly exercised and then I’ll go home – USING MY BUS CARD GO KEVIN which makes it a whole lot cheaper.

Until next time! Stay classy! I miss you all!

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Have you done touristy things yet? Shirley there’s a picasso museum somewhere in that town or this old ginormous building dates back to blah kind of place to visit.

Comment by stacie

Soya sometimes means soy sauce.

Comment by Christy

i want to experience this “culinario-vicarious living.”

Comment by mary

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