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July 15, 2007, 5:03 pm
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So yeah, we went to Nerja today. The 11 bus didn’t go all the way downtown so we had to walk the last dozen blocks or so, and like any city it was very very different early on a Sunday morning. The bus station was exactly as I expected – full of grumpy old men and women, yammering students, weary backpackers, and one old slick-haired man standing at the coffee counter at 9:00 AM chain smoking and drinking straight J&B whisky. In the “cafe” (I use quotes to denote derision) I had both the worst pastry and worst coffee I’ve had since I arrived. It was fitting.

The bus ride wasn’t too bad, just long, clocking in at 1.5 hours. I don’t know how to measure that in metric, sorry. I was left sitting by myself at the beginning because Ludi and Yuri sat together, of course. My seatmate(s) ended up being a tiny British woman and her toddler son. She read aloud to him the whole way, I think. I dunno. I kind of dozed off there for a bit.

Nerja was fantastic, albeit a bit boring in a way. It was even more pretty and pristine than Torremolinos, and felt older, looked older, looked more … I dunno, more Mediterranean. It was nice.

AND BORING. I mean, it was Sunday, and we were there from just before siesta to just after, and therefore there wasn’t much going on. We did have a great meal in a beach restaurant. I got the ‘patatas de las pobres’ which is ridiculous ’cause man if this is how the poor eat then I see no need to be rich. Fried potato slices topped with fried egg and accompanied by two different kinds of sausage on the sides. Greasy as hell but I’ve been eating fairly well so I can take it! I’m tuff!

The beach was pretty, but someone (not me) forgot their bathing suit so we didn’t go in the water. S’alright, I didn’t want to feel saltwater sticky the rest of the day anyway. We walked, and shopped, and talked, and ate ice cream, and goofed off, and saw a bunch of white buildings with red tile roofs and signs in English. Did I mention that a lot of the Costa del Sol is just Britvasion territory? There’s a lot of English going on there, and a lot of vaguely disgruntled waitstaff, so we of course being students at a language school spoke Spanish at all costs.

Maaaaaaaaaan I’m so tired right now. Abbreviated ending starting now!

Then we came home, the bus ride was much faster on the way back, we slept a lot, I barely woke up in time to catch our stop in El Palo. Then! Then Yuri walked home, Ludi and I took a taxi, and we all met up at the beach later with everyone properly equipped. Then I came home, ate dinner, uploaded pictures (as seen here) and now I’ve written this and my eyes are closing even though I don’t want them to.

To heck with proofreading, I’m going to bed!

Tomorrow I find out if I passed my exam and made it into the Avanced I class. I bet I did. We’ll find out on the next installment of Life of Kevin.

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so happy to hear about new friends! Those girls seem to be soooo much fun!!

I’m glad you’ve made friends to help you enjoy the rest of your time there.

Comment by Kyla

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