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Trust me, it was not one twentieth as scary as the Putnam Co. Fair
July 16, 2007, 5:33 pm
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Okay, so, without going into details today was pretty much a rotten day all around. I haven’t had any truly bad days since I got here so I suppose it was time for one to come up but still, I wasn’t prepared, and it knocked me sideways.

Anyway, ignoring that, the good news is that I have progressed again, and am in my final class – Advanced I. Hooray for actually being able to learn and retain something! I worry about this class, though – six girls and only one Kevin. It’s going to be hard for me to pay attention to all of them equally. Rrrowr.

Ha ha ha man that’s so out of character it’s making me laugh.

Also this is my third and final class, and again I’m the only American in there. I’m hoping to help change people’s opinions of America one person at a time! Trust me, there’s a guy here who’s working just as hard in the opposite direction.

Lunch was good, but I’m tired and am going to spare you the details. There was a homemade spring roll (rollito primavera if you can dig it) involved so you know it was good.

Anyway I was invited by my girls to go to the celebration of Our Lady the Virgin of Carmen or something along those lines, there weren’t flyers or anything so I kind of missed out on the exact name. Basically most of the neighborhoods around here have their own versions so we chose El Palo since that was the closest to where Yuri lives. We saw the procession of men carrying the … um … whatchacallit. The thing they carry. It’s like a parade float, but smaller, and with a whole lot more goldy shiny, and a figure of the Virgin on top, all carried on human shoulders. Anyway, we saw the procession of the Virgin and then we went and looked at all the kiddie rides because just down the strip it turned into a street fair. They didn’t have any big kid rides other than that boat that goes back and forth which the twins insisted on riding. I had just finished my carnival food – you can’t go to a street fair and not eat street food! – so I was in no shape to ride. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any chili dogs or corn dogs or real hamburgers or funnel cakes. My carnival food was a baked potato. Out of a huge selection of toppings I ordered the ‘patata normal’ which came with cubed ham, tomato puree, olives, mayonnaise (in place of sour cream), corn kernels, and cheese. I’m sure some of you think that odd, but those are the toppings for everything around here, apparently, so I’m used to it by now. I wish they’d had one that was just cheese, olive oil, and some nice Iberico ham but that’s … well, that’s quite literally wishful thinking, innit?

There was a scary clown. Of course.

Anyway, all night we ran around and acted goofy and then I came home, sorted the pics, uploaded, am now in the act of writing, and now I need to go to bed!

So there!

Also during the composition of this post I misspelled virgin (as the Spanish word virgen) no less than three times. Brain broken, may I have another?

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Golden shiny thing? That’s the Ark of the Covenant. Haven’t you ever watched Indiana Jones? Oh wait, Virgin on top. Uhhhh…Ark of the Covenant: The Next Generation?

Sorry about your rotten day. But hey, one in six weeks ain’t bad! Oh, and keep your eyes off those girls or I’ll let Ennis know.

Comment by Tyler

And you are talking about the people walking around the fair not the rides and such.

Comment by DadO

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