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July 17, 2007, 3:39 pm
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Things I am going to take care of as soon as I’m home:
– Eating at El Tapatio. I miss Texican food really bad today.
– Eating at Royal House, maybe the same day.
– Buying some fresh bread somewhere and eating it with butter. For some reason the Sra. thinks butter is terrible so there’s margarine in the fridge here. This is an abomination but I don’t feel it’s my place to burn the refrigerator down.
– Making something awesome with the ton of basil that has grown while I was away. Awesome may include but not be limited to spring rolls and pesto. I gots the right kind of basil for both.
– Going to my usual Monday dinner at Mark and Matt’s house and seeing all my lovely friends.
– Seeing my parents.
– Eating a Butterfinger candy bar.
– Riding my bicycle.

Things I’m going to miss about Spain:
– Being able to walk to the grocery store and the bread store and back home within 15 minutes. I will never be able to beat that.
– Having good wine in every bar, and having it not be expensive, or it having been open for three weeks already.
– Olive oil on everything
– Real cheese in the grocery store

I know there’s more, but brain == tired.

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There’s real cheese (and wine) at the grocery store here.

Comment by Trey

We will all be glad to have you back state side.

Comment by Kyla

Thanks for rubbing it in, Trey.

Comment by stacie

…real cheese and wine also in Asheville grocery stores.

Comment by rebecca

no craving for bobby q’s?

Comment by rebecca

rbecca: now, yes.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

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