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July 25, 2007, 10:56 am
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I have been thinking about this particular comic every day for a week now.

Click for the rest of the strip, please

That’s a Beartato strip by the absolutely malfunctioning Nedroid. I suggest you check out his stuff if you happen to have all afternoon to lose yourself in his creations.

In other news – literally, I guess, I mean I watch the news here every day at lunch and this is ALL they talk about – the Spanish police have finally captured this country’s most notorious criminal: El Solitario (AKA The Loner if you’re not into that whole Spanish thing). I think the thing that amuses me about it is not that everyone’s all excited – which they should be because this guy has been robbing banks and stuff for 13 years now. That’s a long career in the world of bank robbery if you ask me. No, the thing that interests me is how distinctly American this makes me feel. He robbed some banks, he killed two civil guards and one policeman (all allegedly, yes yes) and he uses – *gasp* – guns. The TV showed a shot of the agents going through all the stuff in his house and the gigantic cache of maybe three or four guns and a couple of boxes of ammo and I thought, “Man, I know kids who have received more firepower than that at their baby shower.”

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