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So what is it, like 3:00 AM here?
July 29, 2007, 3:20 am
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That’s exactly what it is, 3:00 AM and for some reason I just woke up. Well, not for “some reason” but because my body thinks it’s 10:00 AM and a perfectly valid time to be awake.

Having just woken up helped me put my finger on a couple of reasons why this feels so strange. It’s quiet. Very quiet here. I just spent a month and a half living on a very noisy street where I could hear the patrons at a bar across the way and cars and motor scooters drove underneath my window at all hours. I’ve opened my window here at home and all I can hear are a few crickets and bugs and someone’s A/C unit just kicked on.

My apartment itself is quiet. There’s only me here, not even my cat. She ran off some time yesterday (the day before? can’t remember) and hasn’t dropped back by yet, or maybe she has but I’ve been sound asleep for a few hours now. Anyway, the apartment is quiet because there aren’t four or five other people living here. Plus the floors are all carpeted which muffles even the sound of me.

There’s air conditioning, or at least there was until I turned it off so I could open my window. I know
horse -> dead -> beating
but I’d say I spent a total of four hours in weak A/C while I was away, so this just feels so so wrong. I’m supposed to be dying of heat right now.

But as with everything in life writing helps one realize what the problem is, organize it, and then the mind can deal a bit more efficiently. I’m sure by the time I wake up again everything will feel more normal.

Okay, I’m starting to feel a little drowsy, I hope, so I’m gonna … well, I can’t go back to bed because I’m already in bed, hooray for laptops. But I’m going to try to go back to sleep.

Oh, I took a picture of this for you when I was in the London airport. Just a reminder that I was in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORLD oooOOOOoOoOoOoooo spooky


One of the scariest things I tried during my entire trip. Blood sausage? No problem. Orange Coke? *shudder*

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3am? Hahh? Hahhhh?

Comment by Jim

I miss that quiet apartment. Ahh…

Comment by Trey

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