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August 24, 2007, 12:25 pm
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I’ve gotten several comments recently, if you can believe it, about the fact that I haven’t written much lately (hi Paula, hi Wendy, hi everyone else). I feel kind of bad about this. I mean, my trip to Spain gave me things to write about every day. Now that I’m back home there’s very little happening to me that’s fascinating and new.

Well, no, that’s not true at all. There’s a LOT happening to me that’s fascinating and new, and some of it’s above good and some of it’s below bad, and the most of it’s really not web-appropriate material.

I also haven’t been doing much with the camera lately. I still carry it everywhere, I still take pictures of lots of things, I just haven’t felt much like putting any of them online. Since I’ve been back I’ve had two separate weddings to shoot and before now I hadn’t the slightest idea how little I would enjoy sorting out, editing, cropping, correcting, and otherwise preparing so many pictures. Oh man. It is boring beyond description. Yet again I’d like to reiterate that I am not cut out to be a wedding photographer. Probably not any kind of pro photographer at all, actually. I sure do like taking pictures for me and not for other people.

Um, I’m getting ready for school to start back. Did you know that? I bet you did. I think we talked about it last time we were on the phone, you and I. In case you didn’t know I’ve been working on campus all summer. I got so so so used to it being quiet and peaceful and still that I’m a bit upset all these howler monkeys have reappeared. I’m also completely dreading classes starting back on Monday. I don’t even know what classes I’m taking. Doesn’t matter. I have to take them to finish school so I just show up, destroy them with my awesome intellect (not unlike testing your smoke detectors twice a year this would be a good time to fire up the old sarcasm detector and see if it beeps – it may one day save your life) and then move on.

Every day I get more and more antsy to get out of Cookeville and I can’t understand it. I have great friends here, friends that are superior to anything I’ve ever experienced before. I have my family here, I love Tennessee (the land itself) and yet I can’t wait to leave. I don’t even know what the pull is. I justify my feelings by saying that I want a bigger city, I want to be able to buy wine for my dinner and a nice cheese every now and then or maybe encounter a few hip bars and coffee shops and bookstores but …

… but yeah.

My friends and I are all working on figuring out to which major city we should move. All of us. At once. Together.

You coming with?

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Hi! If you are looking for a bigger city I’d say come to Atlanta…plenty of wine and cheese…but, apparently your blog is all I can find for entertainment!

Comment by Paula

Along Paula’s lines- Athens was a pretty cool town. Unfortunately I was too drained by radio shack to enjoy it though.

Comment by Biscuit

I too am annoyed by the howler monkeys. Make them go away.

Comment by s

I’m moving to Wisconsin to first of October, wanna come with? They have great cheese there…but not sure about the wine.

Comment by Mel

Memphis. It’s about five hours from Cookeville, four from Nashville, and has a zoo.

Comment by Patrick


Comment by Ryan

Northampton is yet another possibility. It’s not a big city, but I do believe that you can find a decent bottle of wine and an even decent-er piece of cheese. Also, there’s lots of lesbians.

Comment by lopez

I might move to just outside the big city. Ain’t livin’ in no big city, though.

Comment by DoubleT

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