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Somewhere between two and four
August 27, 2007, 10:57 am
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1.) It wasn’t until I was somewhere in my mid-20s that I realized that the name ‘Grand Ole Opry’ was actually [parodying / mocking / accepting] the southern pronunciation of the word opera. It had never occurred to me. Having grown up with the word Opry I just assumed it signified something I’d realize or recognize when I got older, or maybe it was someone’s last name (Harold Opry?) or any other number of situations. ‘Course that’s not as bad as this girl I knew who, at age 16 or thereabouts, was sitting with me in a Waffle House and after staring at the menu exclaimed, “Oh, I get it! 24/7 means twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – you know, like, they’re open all the time!”

2.) I like checking my mail on campus. The little alcove that houses my TTU mailbox (and the boxes of hundreds of others) always smells like a comic book shop. On the days when someone has left the door closed and the smell builds up I walk in and am engulfed in the aroma of cheap paper and something else, something dry. Maybe it’s the tile floors. Maybe it’s the actual sensation of aridity. Is that even the word I want? Regardless, it’s a short-term miniature time machine and I’m in my early teens again, hanging out at Bob’s Collector’s Den or Big D’s and thumbing the most recent issue of Spider-Man.

3.) Normally I don’t brag on my friends’ photos because most of my friends take excellent pics and if I talked about all the ones I like then I’d never stop writing and this blog would get (more) boring. However, I gotta say something about Eric’s picture of Mandy and Leah. I don’t know those two girls, I’ve never met them at all, but that picture just brings them to life for me. There’s something almost intolerably sweet and sincere and lazy and relaxed and perfect about that shot. I love it.

Off to class for me. You get back to work.

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The picture was just a front. We can’t stand one another!!! JK We all need to get together one weekend. I have heard so much about you through the years, but we have never met.

Comment by Leah

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