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Fall is coming …
September 26, 2007, 6:07 pm
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… though it may not feel like it yet. Fall has always been my favorite season. Fall is full of wonderful things like air that feels crisp and brittle and dry and clean and smells a little bit like someone has a fire going just down the street. Fall is Halloween parties and Halloween itself and shouting children jumping into piles of leaves. Fall is red wine and port. Fall is hayrides and first kisses. Fall is seeing your breath in the morning when you don’t expect it. Fall is hot chocolate. Fall is dragging out that coat you’ve been wanting to wear. Fall is long scenic drives with the windows down and the dark happening faster than you expected. Fall is wearing boots. Fall is full of the best colors. Fall is when everyone starts to come inside.

I haven’t properly enjoyed fall in six years. This one is going to be great.

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Okay, I know about NOLA, but having never been in the northwestern USA, I’d assumed there was fall out there, no?

Comment by rebecca

rebecca: lots of coniferous trees, very few deciduous, and it just kind of devolved into a gray and wet winter. Never really felt like fall to me.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

I feel exactly this way about fall! Really about all the seasons as they begin to change, but I do love fall! There are certain foods also, just meant for fall or winter, and I cant wait for sweaters and such!

Comment by Angie

It’s chili time in Tennessee. (Well, it will be soon as it gets cooler.)

Comment by DadO

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