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I don’t know nothin’
September 27, 2007, 11:21 am
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Specifically, I don’t know how my brain works, especially with my desire to take photos. So often my creative impulses seem analogous to how our bodies need food. I want to take pictures, I kind of need to do it some days. The longer I go without the more powerful the craving becomes. And then, when I do get a chance to shoot something, I’m full. The happier I am with the result the longer it’ll be before I really need to take photos again.

To be more specific, yesterday afternoon I took a picture of my watermelon leaf and I was pleased as punch with the way it turned out. Later in the evening I went for my bike ride and the moon … man, the moon was just stellar. It was full and big and dark orange and occasionally obscured by wisps of clouds – a Halloween moon if I’ve ever seen one. I kept looking up at it during my ride, seeing it behind various buildings and trees, marveling at how wonderful it looked and at what great photo opportunities it provided. I didn’t have all my gear with me (tripod, wide-angle lens, etc.) and so I just kept not going home and getting set up. I thought, “Normally I’d go home and get my car and gear and race around looking for the right church steeple or the right graveyard and be all excited about this opportunity but I just … I just don’t want to. Weird.”

Finally I realized it was because I was full. I had a rich, satisfying experience and though this one looked great too I just didn’t have anywhere to fit it in.

So there you have it. Art is food, and I’m still stuffed.

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This is why vampires can’t be photographed.

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