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Thanks, Ben Goldacre
November 16, 2007, 1:59 pm
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This article says everything I’ve ever wanted to say about homeopathy in ways that I never could have thought to say them.

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Very good.

I like how Richard Dawkins approaches the subject in this video:

Comment by dranktank

skip to around 23:20 if you ONLY want to see homopathy… but the whole thing is good

Comment by dranktank

Good article.

Comment by Jim

This article was great. If I was queen of the world I would make this part of my required reading list for those who want to live in my society. Obviously everyone is allowed to make their own choices in how they care for their bodies, but I bet if more people understood the “logic” behind homeopathy it would die out pretty quickly. I hate any idea that is perpetuated by ignorance like this.

Comment by Heather

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