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November 19, 2007, 5:36 pm
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What do I do? What do I do? I have to go get a new driver’s license involving an updated photo. Problem is that I’m at about three weeks’ worth of beard. I don’t want to cut it off just for my license, but I also don’t want this scruffy stage visually documented for the next several years. Ugh. I know I could wait ’till next week and it’d be a bit more beardy but I don’t like to leave things ’till the absolute last minute (just really close to the last minute).

Eh, it’s just a driver’s license picture, right?

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Just check the box “Yes” for Photoshopping. Then write “remove facial hair” in the blank. YMMV.

Comment by Jason C

Just shave half of it. That’s compromise.

Comment by Marlboro

I agree with Marlboro 100%.

Comment by Jim


Comment by Patrick

have you seen aaron’s license? his beard (which is waaaay shorter now) takes up the entire picture! take it now just how you are…it’s a good sort of documented time freeze for a while. then you get to do the whole thing where you show someone your picture and they go “oh my god! that’s you?” and then you can tell them about your beard growing ventures. good conversation piece. unless your just snobby and don’t want to talk to anyone. 😉

Comment by mary

You ought to be saving this till the last minute anyway.

Comment by Atox

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