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November 29, 2007, 5:52 pm
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– I finally got my TN driver’s license today. Things have changed, I tell you. Last time I was at the DMV here it probably took me an hour. The DMV in NOLA was (this is no exaggeration) the worst example of bureaucratic nightmare I’ve ever experienced. However, the DMV in OR was pleasant even if they did make me take a written exam to exchange my LA license for an OR one. But today? Man, I read the list of required documentation, brought it with, and a book as well. Not only did my book stay unread, I didn’t even have a chance to finish filling out my supplemental form (Where All You Done Been Licensed In Th’ Past 10 Years’r So?) before they called my number. It was that fast. Twelve dollars and fifty cents later I was on my way out and holding a new little plastic identifier.
– I did indeed get my photo took with my beard on.
– I also, as (in my opinion) all good citizens should, told them I’m willing to let anyone who needs ’em get my hands on my organs after death, what with me not going to be using them any more.
– Except for the beard. I’d like to keep that with me should I happen to die while wearing it.
– And you know, I’ve got this ridiculous desire to eat at a Chinese buffet tonight, or in other words I’m on a quest to harm my innards, so you may not want them anyway.

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I call dibs on your spleen.

Comment by Henry

Bummer, I could really have used a beard.

Comment by Jonathan

how many languages is the driver’s manual / study guide offered in? when i switched from TN to NJ, i was shocked to find it’s available in about a dozen languages. the SIGNS aren’t in Korean or Tagalog there, though! (Maybe that’s why NJ has the nation’s highest insurance rates…)

Comment by Ryan

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