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Part II, Wherein We Find That Part I Has Been Scrapped
August 30, 2006, 10:43 pm
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I just started a complainer-tastic blog post and got about four paragraphs in before I realized I hadn’t even crossed off the top quarter of my list of things to bitch about. I had to remind myself that nobody likes to read the bitchy whiny posts.


So anyway, I started school. If you’re near TTU you’ve probably noticed the pile of dead freshmen accumulating on the South Patio. I’m trying to keep it down to one per class period now but there are so many dumb ones that sometimes I have to do a twofer.

Um um um I’m feeling …

boy, look, this post is going all bitchy too. OH WELL, C’EST LA VIE AND DAMN THE TORPEDOES.

I’m feeling overwhelmed with my life in a bit of chaos and returning to school for the first time in five years. Seems like all of my classes had homework due on the first day of class, homework we couldn’t have known about because we hadn’t attended class yet. I think I spent more hours on homework today than I did my entire sophomore year, and I’m not even done yet. I want an apartment because I’m whiny and “need my own space” and a real desk on which to do homework, but I can’t get an apartment without a job, and I feel overwhelmed with school so I want to procrastinate and wait and see just how many free hours I really have once I’m done with homework and besides I can’t get a job looking like a total dorkus which I TOTALLY DO because I’m trying to grow out my beard for Halloween and whose dumb idea was it that I go as Abraham Lincoln (Bacoln?) again anyway? but so what if I look dumb and I’m all scruffy? It’s not like I’m kissing anyone right now anyway and so I don’t have a job and I don’t have a place and I am TIRED of homework ALREADY and today was only the third day of class.



I think I got that out of my system.

I do, on the positive side, have a whole folder of new photographs to sort through here in a minute, and I do have some wonderful memories from a recent waffle breakfast and another great Monday Night Red Beans N’ Rice at the Thomas Boys House dinner memory, and I’m lining up a Labor Day cookout (which will entail my personal slaves parents doing all the work while I ‘entertain’, ha ha, nefarious plan, rub hands together like evil scientist, cackle madly, lightning in background) to which you’re invited if you live around here, which you probably don’t.

I … uh … I forgot what all the other positive things are, but I’m not going back to complaining, so I guess I’d best stop here, yeah?


Stupid freshmen.

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This post had me rolling with laughter. Not at your and your inconveniences/troubles, but your wit and writing style and humor.

Also, your hatred for dumb freshman implies that you have some funny, if unfortunate, stupid freshman stories. Nay?

Comment by Rebecca

Man I hear ya on the annoying young’uns. At Watkins they all think they’re hot artist shit fresh off the press, and that every retarded ass scribble they put on paper is somehow ordained right from the gods and is above critique.

But yeah…

Comment by henry r.

First off, I love the waffle icon, although it kind of looks like the Dharma logo from Lost…

Second–you should get some crap-ass job on campus like working in the computer labs, then you can earn a little money and also study at the same time. Or you could always go back to the H-C.

Comment by Trey

So have you been taking your camera to campus with you at all? Tech certainly doesn’t have an ugly campus and while you may have to insist some annoying kids get out of the way, your height and grizzly look should work to your advantage there in clearing some nice shots.

Speaking of cameras, jobs, and campus… to follow up on Trey’s idea, you should talk to photo services and see if they could use an extra hand. I think it’d feel like free money to a photo geek like yourself.

Comment by Jason C

Ignore the younguns and get on with it. After that, you can wait a little while and go back to graduate school. There, you’ll find that most of your classmates are adults and guess what? Most of them act the exact same way. Oh yeah… and get to work dammit. Crappy jobs make you study harder. And put hair on your face. You’ll need that for Halloween.

Comment by Silvey

Rebecca, Henry – I did my best and destroyed absolutely no freshmen today, even the ones … ah, it’d take too long to tell.

Trey – I had a recent revelation regarding rent costs as compared to hours worked and pay rate. I’m still thinking with my New Orleand / Portland mind, apparently, and need to reconsider how much I’m able to spend per month.

Jason – No camera to campus, though I’ve considered it. I’m usually too busy doing other things to take pictures, plus my backpack is heavy enough.

Silvey – do I know you? Where’s my rocker friend who’s gonna tell me to drink and party? IF NOT YOU THEN WHO?!

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

Oh, yeah…isn’t that YOUR apartment that Trey and Megan are using as a home now? You could just tell them to hit the road…

and I’m in agreement with Silvey on the grad school thing…it’s a TOTALLY different experience with everyone on similar levels of intelligence/maturity.

Comment by Rebecca

I was ready to plow over them with my car this morning on my way to work. They’re like little turtles crossing the road. Turtles in high heels at eight o’clock in the morning. What kind of crazyness is that? And who taught these people that they’re supposed to ride a bike facing oncoming traffic?

Comment by Stacie


drink and party, also. That’s in addition to the job and the beard. It’s more a logical result of the beard…

hooray for beards.

Comment by Silvey

Silvey said:

“Ignore the younguns and get on with it. After that, you can wait a little while and go back to graduate school. There, you’ll find that most of your classmates are adults and guess what? Most of them act the exact same way.”

But on the bright side of things, at least in graduate school you can be a TA, and then give all those snotty freshmen BAD GRADES! Muhahahahah!

Although, seriously, after having spent five years in graduate school, that one perk is probably not worth it.

Comment by Homey R

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