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February 14, 2008, 9:48 pm
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Okay, so if you don’t already know and love lolcats then you can stop reading here as this won’t make any sense.

My “friend” Hackett decided that lolcats were insufficient and went on, for some unknown reason, to create lolkevins. I kid you not.

Example, though it may kill me:


You can see the whole lot of ’em here.

So far no one has seen fit to proceed further with the meme, which is fine by me. I realize that I’m opening a very tiny floodgate here by intentionally exposing his madness to the greater populace, but … I suppose in some twisted way it deserves to be seen.

I should mention that my other “friend” Mia did see fit to copy the “NOT YOURS” meme as seen here.

Thanks, guys. I love you a lot. The kind of love where I fantasize about harming you.

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Comment by s

Ah, you know you like it. ;p

Comment by Clay

Aw, Kevin. You know you love it.

Comment by JTJ

Ok. When I wrote that comment, I hadn’t seen Clay’s.

Comment by JTJ

Here are some lolbeards.

Comment by shularbrau

We poke fun because we love you.

Comment by Mia


Comment by Biscuit

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