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Two things that are not related
March 23, 2008, 1:56 pm
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1.) I woke up this morning directly after a dream in which I had both smelled something and clearly read words. I didn’t think I could do either of those things in my dreams. In fact, I had just finished telling Jason the other day that we humans couldn’t do those things in dreams. I guess I was very wrong. Are you able to clearly smell or read in dreams?

You know what? That’s not really important. What’s more important is this:

2.) Yesterday Matthew, Leon, my mom, my dad and I went out to (what I will now start referring to as) the firing range (even though it is just Leon’s farm) to do a little target practice. I am simultaneously saddened and proud to announce that my mother, who had not fired a weapon in something like 26 years, showed us up. Her skill with that old Ruger 10/22 put us all to shame. After her first few shots I wanted to say, “See, I come by my good aim naturally” but after the next 30 or 40 all I could think was, “Well, apparently I didn’t get as much of it as I thought.” So great job, Mom!

Matthew says his mom is a better shot but I think he has mom envy.

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Man, who wouldn’t have mom envy after that display?

Comment by Biscuit

No kidding. She’s my hero.

Comment by Megan

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