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Well, I didn’t expect that
March 24, 2008, 10:51 am
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About two weeks ago now I submitted a photo to Wired‘s biweekly photo contest. The theme was self portraits. It ended up falling out of the top 10 spot but then surprisingly got listed in the editor’s pics. So. I am now Internet Famous. Hold on to your hats. The next fifteen seconds will be really intense.

okay, glad that’s over. Oh, wait, it’s on the front page of Wired for today, or at least for a few more hours, or maybe it’s gone already. That’s why I took a screenshot so I can remember, years from now, that I was Internet Famous for just one day.

Thanks to Trey for the heads up. I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

EDIT: Apparently Trey got his info from Jason Coleman so thanks, JC. Also I meant to link to the original on Flickr in case anyone missed it the first time.

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Comment by Heather

How wonderful! You are famous!

Comment by stacie

Credit goes to JC for my heads up.

Comment by Trey

[+] This is great !

Comment by f.

Dude! This rocks balls. I just saw that you’re on the home page.

Comment by stacie

That is seriously awesome.

Comment by Marlboro

Nice… internet famous.

Bring on the internet drugs and the internet women!

Comment by Atox

That’s great, Kevin! Congratulations! I have a famous friend. Woot!

Comment by Megan

That’s wicked keen.

Comment by Jim

Rock ON, Kev! I yam so proud.

Comment by towanda46

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