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Fine, fine, I give in.
April 3, 2008, 4:37 pm
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So like you and everyone else in the world I like Youtube because there’s always something odd to watch.

Wait, that’s the wrong way to go about starting this entry.

Some of my friends have been pressuring me to get a tumblr account, which up until this point I have resisted. I don’t (or didn’t) really care for tumblr because it’s like some miniblog where the viewer can’t even post comments. It’s one-way communication. But last night or the night before or … whatever, some time recently Jason said something about posting Youtube videos on Tumblr and then it kind of made sense. I always add videos to my favorites and then forget to show people (yes, I’m looking at you, Heather).

I don’t like posting too many Youtube videos to this blog because I think it should be for words, regardless of how few I actually write here, plus video entries rarely require any sort of discussion. So, with a heavy heart I gave in and joined the ranks of Jason, Trey, Stacie, Jason C, I CERTAINLY DID NOT FORGET MAIG!, and others.

So if you want something else to add to your RSS feed you can add my tumblr page and then be bored with the videos I post. And if you don’t care about videos, well, you don’t have to go look. I think it’s a good solution, right?


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Rockin’! It’s now nestled in the Tumblelogs folder of the NetNewsWire.

Comment by JTJ

oh, so I am others now…I see how it is.

glad you joined the awesome. 😉

Comment by Megan

I follow yours Megan!
Kevin. You don’t have an avatar. How lame.
It’s funny you got a tumblr account because you almost had me convinced to close mine and to just use the blawg.

Comment by stacie

Maig, I certainly didn’t forget yours! See?! It’s listed!

Stacie, hush. I’m new to this! Give me time!

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

Enjoying the videos. It’s like a little taste of whiskey club in the comfort of my own home. (Not that your place isn’t comfortable—It’s quite comfortable—except for your couch—the couch is a tad on the smothery side.)

Comment by JTJ

I should mention that during the writing of my last comment, I almost abbreviated whiskey club “WC” to be hip and cryptic, but then I realized that “taste of the WC” sounds bad. I reckon that’d taste a bit like piss.

Comment by JTJ


Comment by Megan

Hehe. I’m glad someone’s following my Tumblelog, since I’d forgotten about the damn thing until you brought it up!

I have found that J. Johnson has the uncanny ability to convince people to find the value in services they had previously convinced themselves were useless. As a matter of fact, I do believe that a significant portion of my life is now consumed by things Johnson once said of: “well, you might want to give it a try because…”

Comment by Jason C

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