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June 10, 2008, 9:32 am
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So … yeah.

How’ve you been?

I’m fine, I suppose. Kind of busy. I’m mainly writing to say that I’m sorry I haven’t taken many pictures lately, though now it occurs to me that maybe I should post a picture to my Flickr account saying as much, since that’s where pictures go and this is the place for words. Oh it doesn’t matter anyway, does it?

My boss convinced me to be in a play this summer, so that kind of takes up a lot of time. Practice is from 7:00-9:00PM which means that my evenings are effectively split in half and I can’t do much or go too far. That alone is enough reason to have slacked on photography, right? Right! Oh, yes, I also have that internship this summer, so I’m all kind of brained-up about that, and I’m not even sure what that means, but it seems like the right words.

I also haven’t been drinking coffee lately so that’s kind of slowed me down, or so I feel, but maybe I just don’t think I’m going as fast because because I’m not drinking coffee which would let me see how fast I’m going. In my head. The part of the machine that makes words isn’t spinning right this morning. Fire up the gyroscopes.

Fire gyroscopes.


Guh. Lost track for a second. It’s very difficult for me to write this right now because I don’t even remember why I’m wriOH YES I have lost my sunglasses which is kind of dumb. I (almost almost almost) NEVER lose things. I keep track of things, I keep track of things for myself, I keep track of other people’s stuff. It’s disheartening when I lose something of my own. I feel like I’ve let you all down.

But these sunglasses, man, they’re old. I’ve had them almost a year now. The little rubber noseresters fell out a long time ago, and I had to tighten up the joints every week or so with the needle-nose pliers otherwise they would have just fallen right apart. That’s what you get for $11 sunglasses from K-Mart, right? But now I’m blind when I go out, I have to squint, and it feels like I’m in Spain all over again. It’s been 24 hours now and I haven’t seen my sunglasses, and they’re not in my apartment or my car or at work or at the theater so they’re just gone, grew legs and walked off, and I

I guess I’m just going to have to go sunglasses shopping, and that’s one of my least-favorite things.

but hey! Let’s do that thing here, why don’t you join me in it! What’s that least-favorite thing of yours that you’re going to have to do soon? What’s bugging you, making you grumpy? I’m grumpy about having to shop for sunglasses. Isn’t that stupid? Isn’t that just mind-bogglingly American and middle-class and privileged? If finding new sunglasses is the biggest of my worries at the moment then man, I am living one hell of a life.

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I’m grumpy at the thought of shopping for a new vehicle and the fact that the new 3g iPhone plans are more expensive and you have to do in-store activation instead of just taking the box home and doing it yourself in iTunes.

Is that middle-class privileged enough?

Oh, and gas is hella-expensive (but obviously not expensive enough because I still see tons of SUVs on the road).

Comment by Trey

I’m grumpy at the thought of going to the two different dutch immigration offices because I know I KNOW something will go wrong, I just know it, and there’s nothing I can do about it except to let it happen and then fix whatever the problem is. I’m also grumpy about setting up an internet connection at home because again, I already know it’s going to be a problem and then I’m going to move in a few months and that will cause problems with all the stuff I’m setting up now and there’s nothing I can do to prevent these problems from happening.

Comment by Tami

I’m grumpy about having to look for cheaper auto insurance, since my current provider went way up now that I’m not getting a multi-car discount anymore.

Comment by Patrick

I’m grumpy about having to pay $260 per week for summer camp…UGH! Just one more thing I miss about TN…

Comment by Mel

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