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June 17, 2008, 9:46 am
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I YAM SO ANNOYED. It feels WONDERFUL out there this morning. When I opened the door my brain said, “FALL! It’s FALL!” because the air was cool and crisp and the humidity wasn’t overpowering and it just SMELLED like autumn. I expected to see some leaves starting to turn colors.

I just now went outside again to take some things to the recycling bin and it still feels like that. I’m wearing shorts and the breeze is all cool against my legs, and the sun is shining brightly but it’s not hot, and the air is so clear, and …


and I just can’t stand the thought of going back to hot muggy summer. Sweating to death. Miserable thick wet Southern oven. Steam bath.

I want October to be here already.

Perpetual October. We don’t even have to have Halloween, just make it … just make it be fall already. Always.

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Hot == good. Perfect weather for hot coffee.

Comment by Trey

Spluh. I could stand hot if it didn’t interfere with my secret identity as The Human Sprinkler.

Comment by Jim

I was rather miffed about the 2 or 3 weeks of spring that we saw this year. Winter lasted forEVAR!

At least it’s nice today.

Comment by Atox

boyohboy do i ever love october on the plateau.

Comment by walter

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