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Burger Chef!
July 5, 2008, 9:28 am
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So my last blog entry was about going to the new Indian restaurant. I did that thing we all do where I referred to a business that hasn’t been around for over a decade to locate it – “… the old Burger Chef building.” I mean, that’s one of the nice things about living in one place for a while, you get to … um … use that way of … referring to things?

I guess honestly that’s not really that interesting. So why am I amused when someone says, “Oh, the old Rose’s shopping center”?

ANYWAY GEEZ here’s the point. This morning I went to do a Google image search for ‘cookeville’ and one of the first images was of BURGER CHEF.

According to this page, Burger Chef Memories, ours was the last remaining Burger Chef. Ever. Of all time. That’s either really awesome or really sad.

That page has a lot of pictures and even the audio for a Burger Chef commercial that I had never heard before.

Burger Chef!

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It amazes me how often I give folks directions using where things used to be. I imagine it’s really no help for folks hat aren’t from here.

Comment by Biscuit

“Open wide, American. We’re going to give you more.”

Those words. Set to music. Awesome.

Comment by Jason Coleman

OMG!!! The memories of good old Burger Chef!!! I definately have fond memories of breakfast before school, flat tire and skipping school all together. So seriously, why is there a page about it???

Comment by Leah

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