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August 12, 2008, 10:12 am
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So there’s a new joint in town called Good Mood Food. They’re all like organic and stuff, or so I hear, or so they will be soon, or so they say.

I’ve been there four times now, mainly because they’re right by the office where I’m interning. Three of those times have been just for a little milkshake. Man, you can’t beat a real milkshake, in my opinion. (picture of milkshake that does it no justice.) Yesterday I went for lunch, and I got pinto beans and cheese, corn fritters, salad, and pico. It was pretty darned tasty, and fresh, and so on.

So yeah, you should go check ’em out. They’re on 1st street, just to the right (west) of the Leslie Town Center. Look for the yellow sign. They’re kind of behind Krazy Kent’s parking lot, and I realize for any of you that don’t know Cookeville … well, I’ll just not say anything. Just avoid Krazy Kent when you’re aiming for Good Mood Food is all.

Okay now for the tangential: reading ‘good mood food’ every day got me thinking about how those words are spelled in a similar fashion but one of them is not pronounced the same as the others. I’m sure there’s some word that describes that case, but I don’t know what it is. Anyway, I went looking for words that are spelled alike but sound different. These are my favorites:

lemon demon
touch couch
worse horse
great meat

I like all of those because they can (more or less) be read as ‘adjective noun’ and they sound like the most improbable combination of objects. I think my first novel will have the words ‘worse horse’ in the title.

If you have any good adjective-noun-spelled-alike-sound-different pairs I’d like to know.

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As the insensitive farmer said to his ailing hired hand:

Rough cough. Plough through, though.

Comment by Marlboro

Shoe woe.

Comment by Jon

How about some noun & verb pairings:
tear / tear
wind / wind

Comment by Patrick

Patrick: those are spelled the same. That’s not the thing in which I am interested.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

come home
comb bomb
blown clown (ew)

Comment by Heather

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