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So this is it
August 26, 2008, 2:04 pm
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For all of you who are interested (raise your hands if you don’t mind – let’s see, that’s … two) school is back in session.

–Final semester of college? Check.
–Only twelve hours? And one of those classes is independent study? Check.
–Reading the entirety of Don Quixote in the original seventeenth-century Spanish (ugh)? Check.
–Two econ professors in one day referring to marketing majors as “those people with crayons and coloring books”? Check.
–No class on Fridays? Check.
–Drizzly nasty rain for the past two days perfectly coinciding with the first two days of class, signaling an official end to summer, not that I did anything but work anyway? Check.
–Condescending yet amusing professor (again, econ) saying, “This is the only undergrad class they’ll let me teach. I love teaching undergrad. It’s like kicking puppies.” Check.
–Overwhelming sense of well-being and joy even though it may appear as though my list is filled with kind of negative things? Check.
–Overwhelming desire to get this over with and get out of town? Three check marks. Maybe four.

But seriously I’m really excited – I have three professors who are all very entertaining and actually enjoy teaching, which means that unlike previous semesters I won’t be bored out of my mind. I only work M/W/F which means that when I get out of class on T/Th I can actually go do things before the light disappears. And no class on Fridays means that my loving and lenient boss won’t mind if I take the occasional three-day weekend to go do something fantastic.

The rest of the plan, just so you know, is to graduate in mid-December then spend the end of the month enjoying the holidays and saying goodbye to all my friends, and then come the new year I’ll be going off to my new job, wherever it may be. I have an idea or three.

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Cool! Thank you for the update! It’s hard to keep track of what everyone’s doing sometimes.

Is one of those ideas Philly? Hmm, hmm? Also what sort of job do you want to get, anyhoodle?

Comment by Kerry

Congratulations! You should move to — uh, wherever I end up getting a job next year.

Comment by Patrick

I’m pretty sure I had that econ professor. I believe I had his class at 7:30 in the a.m. for summer term.

Comment by Trey Piepmeier

Good luck with the job hunt! I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find something you love very easily.

Comment by Biscuit

I believe that Econ professor goes by the name of Dr. Wood, but I thought he taught Finance. Anyway, it sounds like something he would say.

Comment by Zane

Zane, yeah, you’re right. I wasn’t thinking when I labeled him as Econ.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

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