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Alfred Hitchcock’s The Beans
September 27, 2006, 1:02 am
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RBnR true version

Originally uploaded by Kevin O’Mara.

I am not sure if you are aware but every Monday if I get the chance I head to the Thomas house for some red beans n’ rice. It’s just like the New Orleans tradition of RBnR except that … um … well, we’re not in New Orleans. They do it anyway.

Actually, I always say “they” but last time I checked Matt doesn’t do anything really. He just makes biscuits occasionally, and the rest of the time he just sits around being pretty. We need to do something about that.

A while back I told the T-brothers that I was going to make them some gumbo as a show of thanks for a beautiful coffee grinder that they kindly donated to me. I couldn’t find any decent andouille around town but I had an idea – I headed over to my bank to see Mr. Vedrine who is a native not only of Louisiana but of Ville Platte, the home of the Smoked Meats Festival. I figured if that man couldn’t find me some andouille then there was no one else to whom I could turn.

Mr. Vedrine went above and beyond the call of duty and donated to me, from his personal stash not only some andouille but some tasso as well. For those of you not in the know, tasso is a smoked pork meat usually used to flavor dishes. It is also sublime. I mean, screw ham hock and salted pork … tasso will deliver you from evil.

I used all the graciously donated andouille in the batch of gumbo destined for the T-brothers – probably the best gumbo I’ve ever made (thanks in no small part to the true andouille). That left me with some tasso and I got to thinking I should make some RBnR for the T-brothers, ’cause where better to use my tasso?

Now I’ve made RBnR several times before and it’s just never turned out right. This is probably due to the missing ham hock or tasso or whatever seasoning meats I didn’t put in. I figured some sliced smoked sausage would save it, and I was wrong. This time I did it right, this time I used tasso, and this time I made the best batch of red beans I’ve ever made.

Do you see the common thread here? It’s all the beautiful meats that Mr. Vedrine gave to me. I don’t think I can thank him enough.

Anyway, I took my RBnR over to their house and it was well-received. I especially enjoyed the chance to eat it alongside Mark’s always-tasty RBnR as a comparison, or as a foray into the various authentic styles of red beans.

I suppose I should post the recipe, though it’s certainly nothing special. I do urge you to go to your bank and assault your banker until he or she admits that they are indeed a Louisiana native and they will procure for you some smoked meats.

Kevin’s Finally Correct Mostly Stolen Red Beans n Rice Recipe:

Take 1 lb. dried red beans. Either A.) soak overnight, or B.) submerge in water, bring to boil, and remove from heat and let sit for one hour.

Once beans are done prepping, drain and replace water. Bring to boil.

While beans are heating, dice:
1 white onion
1 green bell pepper
6 ribs celery
6 cloves garlic

Saute these ingredients until onions are translucent, maybe 3-5 minutes. Throw these into the pot with the beans.

Add a teaspoon or so of thyme and two bay leaves.

Slice 1 lb. smoked sausage (andouille if you can get it) and throw that in the pot.

Add 3/4 lb. tasso or other acceptible substitute.

Make sure there’s just enough water to cover everything and bring to a boil. Once it’s boiling, reduce to a simmer, let cook for 3 hours.

Serve over hot white rice.

That’s it – it’s so simple it’s stupid, or maybe it’s criminal – take your pick. Since there’s very little flavoring it’s important to get good meats – I can’t believe it took me this long to learn that.

Oh, hey, apropos of nothing – the new Tom Waits 3-CD album (albums?) ‘Orphans’ is now available for pre-order at Amazon. This is one piece of music where I am anxious to own the physical item, not just order it off of iTunes. From late November ’till some time next year you’d better not get into my car unless you’re willing to get your Waits on.

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Your bean ‘n rice were most tasty! Thanks for sharing the love.

Comment by Stacie

Man, Matt’s biscuits are essential!

Comment by JTJ

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