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October 4, 2006, 12:00 am
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Where should I start yet another meaningless blog post full of disconnected inane ramblings?

I went by Photographic Services at school today and while they don’t have any pay positions ’till the start of next semester, I have an invitation to play with gear and shoot events (and accompany real employees on events) whenever I want. That alone is worth it – to be able to put on my resume that I took pics not for the school newspaper, but for the school itself. And the thought of getting the peanuts pittance next semester, to actually get paid to photograph things – that’s exciting.

‘Course I still gots to get a real job because I’m planning on taking Jim’s apartment when he moves to Nashville, and rent doesn’t pay itself. If you know of some entertaining and not-mindless student-friendly part-time job that I should be considering, please let me know. I think the employment classified ads in the Herald-Citizen got stuck – all three of them have been the same all week.

Um, um, my MOO cards are not here yet! About this I am livid! I filled out my form about five minutes before Trey did, and he has his already (and so does JC for that matter). Where are my MOO cards? If they never arrive, what will I do? Honestly, I’ll probably end up ordering a pack of 100 since I’ve seen Trey’s and the quality is awesome. They’re just about the best thing ever, and probably going to be totally passé in a week. I should hop on that.

When I get a job.

And money.

Lastly, on the food front, I’ve been moderately active. The other night while discussing with Mom what I was going to make for dinner I realized we had the ingredients for … um … I dunno what to call it. Southwest skillet, I guess. I think there used to be a name for it but I’ve forgotten.

It ain’t pretty, so there’s no picture, but the gist of it is this:

Start your rice (1c rice, 2c water)
Brown ~1lb ground beef
While beef is browning, sautee the following:
1 green bell pepper, diced
1 white onion, diced
As many cloves of garlic as you can stand, finely diced

Once the beef is cooked and drained, and the veggies are nice and soft, combine.

Season liberally with cumin (no, really liberally. Very liberally.) and cayenne pepper and ancho chile powder and chili powder and whatever else you have that’s spicy. Don’t forget salt and black pepper too.

Once that’s all good and hot and seasoned, dump the following in there:
1 can black beans, drained
1 can whole corn kernels, drained
1 can diced tomatoes, not drained

Heat to a simmer, throw in some flour if it’s too liquidy for your tastes, and serve over white rice. Scatter the shredded cheese of your choice on top and eat.

Warning: very filling.

Also, I was asked to make alfredo sauce tonight but we didn’t have any heavy cream. The recipe calls for 3/4 cup heavy cream, but instead I used 1/2 cup cream cheese, whisked into the milk until nice and smooth. If you go this route, leave out the salt, as our end product was a bit saltier than I usually like to make it.

That’s all for tonight, folks! Tune in tomorrow when I clip my toenails.

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The Photographic Services stuff sounds like a great fit for you, Kevin. I’m sure that you’ll have plenty of fun with it and will learn a lot. If it’s any consolation during your ‘not offical’ period, at least you can feel free to post some of those photos to Flickr (I hear your a fan).

Comment by Jason C

Apparently TTU is pretty lenient with their photo rights – Dean said they wouldn’t mind me showing them in a portfolio or to friends, which is basically Flickr, so hooray. I would change the rights on the TTU photos, though, just to be safe.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

Wise. I try and do that to photos I didn’t take and have, uh, questionable authority to post online.

Comment by Jason C

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