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Panglossian mentality
November 5, 2008, 12:43 pm
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So let me just share with you, gentle and dear readers, those things that are right and good in my life.

– I am in my last semester of college.
– This last semester of college is only 12 hours and therefore I feel like I have it easy.
– I have a new job lined up in New Orleans immediately upon graduation doing fun and exciting things in the world of wine.
– My townhouse went up for sale and I got an offer within two weeks, and I’m now under contract to sell. Barring anything disastrous happening I can more or less consider it a done deal.
– I have an awesome girlfriend.
– It’s fall and the leaves and the air and the sun are all conspiring to make me feel fantastic every single day.
– Last but certainly not least my beloved country came to its senses and took a step away from the administration of the last eight years and for that I could not be more grateful.

And now let me just share with you, gentle and dear readers, those things that are wrong and bad in my life.

– Nothing.

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Comment by Casey

Is your new job in New Orleans with the wine caretaking company you used to work for?

Is your awesome girlfriend moving to New Orleans with you?

What is the best po’boy?


Comment by Dan

My new job is with the same wine import and sales company, though a new job altogether. But yes, it’s with Wines Unlimited / Martin Wine Cellar. I’m very happy and proud to be returning to work there.

Casey coming with is still a topic that is up for debate.

The best po’boy is the one you’re eating. Or if you want a less stupid answer, I’d say one from Liuzza’s. I can’t tell you the best kind – for me probably fried shrimp. For you?

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

I have never been to New Orleans, I fear, though I did live in Florida for 16 years, and had many a meal served by many a restauranteur who fancied themselves an Authentic Cajun(tm), so I speak from a position of zero authority.

All that being said, the best I’ve had was softshell crab. But fried shrimp, as a concept, may be as close as mankind has come to obtaining Ambrosia, so I’m on the fence.

Congratulations, by the way, on all of the above awesomeness. Cookeville’s small enough to fit on a flatbed truck and take with you, right?

Comment by Dan

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