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In the interest of not being a total jerk
November 13, 2008, 12:05 am
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I know that I have made fun of Sarah Palin (not here on this blog but certainly in real life) for the whole “not knowing that Africa was a continent not a country” thing. So as the title says, in the interest of not being a total jerk I’d like to point out a New York Times article that states the whole thing was a hoax made up by a phony expert.

And now I’d like to quote MeFi user chronkite who sums it up better than I could [1]:

“And, it’s just too believable..when I originally read the Africa thing I thought, “Well, that’s just someone stretching the truth, then it gets distorted a little more in the game of media telephone…”, but the CORE of it doesn’t sound a bit more stupid than any of the things I’ve heard her ACTUALLY SAY.

It’s a weird kind of lie…kind of like someone pointing at a random guy and calling him a child molester..no matter whether it’s true or not, you start picturing it BEING true, and it tarnishes the guy.

Sarah Palin needed to be the kind of candidate that no one would ever believe this about, in order to be immune to it.

She wasn’t.”

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Exactly–if you have to deny it, then you’ve already lost that game. I’m most disturbed by the fact that she hasn’t already lost the spotlight.

Comment by clay

Two things: First, it’s not (even a little bit) Palin’s fault that the hoax was accepted as true. It’s the sole fault of lazy journalists who reported it that way. The news media have been eager to magnify all things Obama and diminish all things McCain, and now a lot of them have humiliated themselves in the process which they richly deserve.

The second thing (and I believe this as wholeheartedly as the first thing) is that Sarah Palin, despite the unmasking of this rumor, is still dumber than a wheelbarrow full of rusty doorknobs.

Comment by Marlboro

Well, she did say that.. so I hope you feel better.

Comment by Scott

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