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October 14, 2006, 6:51 pm
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After a long day of work in Crossville I got on the interstate and headed west. Sometimes a song calls out to you and you don’t know why – tonight I felt compelled to hear Sunset Road by Béla Fleck. I just knew it was the last song on the album, not even remembering the name or realizing the appropriateness. As I drove I immersed myself in the song, played it loud, felt every sorrowful, melancholy, wistful note. I drank it in until the hair stood up on my arms. The sun, already below the horizon, turned the sky into a muddy orange that diffused into the cold blue above. As I traveled the notes bled through me, the trees turned to dark shadows, the sky transformed to a cold caramel, the stars began to appear. All I wanted was to get home, and I don’t know where home is.

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You’ll find it. Wanting to get there is a good start.

Comment by JTJ

Bela Fleck is able to make some of the most remarkably beautiful, melancholy songs come out of his banjo.

Fortunately, there are also a lot of upbeat, happy songs that he and the Flecktones do. Otherwise, we might all spiral into misery when we listen to an album.

I recommend listening to some of the happy songs when searching for home. At least part of the time.

Comment by Homey R

You make pretty pictures AND pretty words…
Really, this is a hauntingly beautiful and soulful piece.

Comment by Rebecca

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