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Cookeville: Hometown
January 27, 2009, 11:42 am
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As a result of a conversation with my friends I have decided to make public the book I’ve self-published. It’s a collection of photographs of my hometown: Cookeville, Tennessee. In it I’ve tried to show you the Cookeville that I know, the Cookeville that I love.

I feel that instead of doing the promoting myself I should let others speak for me:

Kevin, how do you make Cookeville look so interesting? ‘Cause I’ve lived here for 12 years and it ain’t.
-Mark T.

Wow, Kevin, you find some interesting hidden places in Cookeville.
-Megan H.

Apparently there are two Cookevilles: The one that I grew up in, which is boring, and the one that Kevin lives in, which is cool.
-Richard M.

Your photographs have the powerful effect of making the viewer want to be where-ever it is you’re shooting, seeing what you see. Having grown up there and living elsewhere for most of 8 years, I find this to be an amazing thing to do with Cookeville.
-Rebecca H.

Okay, that’s enough out of me about this whole thing. If you’re interested you can look at a short preview or order a copy of the book. I’ve also added a link on the left-hand sidebar in case you want to find it again later.

Thanks for listening to my self-promotion.

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Looks beautiful. When I’m no longer on campus (and thus have a better connection) I’m going to order a copy.

Comment by Sara

I have this book, and its wonderful! You should go look! One of my new favorite things! Shared it many times over the holidays and with out of town guests.

Comment by Angie


Comment by mary

I actually saw your book a couple weeks ago when checking a friend’s book. Beautiful job capturing Cookeville! I just might have to get it so I can remenisce.

Comment by Mel

Oh, how cool! I’m getting one. Will you post how many you sell? Not that it’s any of our business, but I’m just curious, because it seems like any displaced Cookevillian would want one.

Comment by Alison

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