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I wish it would snow
November 19, 2006, 11:24 pm
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I really do. Today when I got out of the library the sky was this uniform dull gray and it looked so much like snow was on its way. Being away from Tennessee for five years has really done wonders to make me forget what the winter is like around here. The jacket I wore almost all winter in Portland is already looking like it’s gonna be far too light to get me through. My ‘heavy’ jacket might not even be enough.

Still, I can’t wait for that first morning when I wake up and the whole parking lot outside my apartment is white and pristine, no tracks, no footprints, nothing. I know I don’t get snow days anymore, but I can pretend.

Winter is coming, and I feel ready.

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As soon as we get a substantial snow, if we do that is, everyone is pilling into the Taco (our Tacoma pickup) for a hay ride. Only no hay just a spare tire and a hi-lift jack. Hmm sounds dangerous.

Comment by henry

it was snowing in crossville last night! soon it will snow here too…

Comment by mango

Looks like I got my wish – it’s snowing outside the store right now. I love it.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

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