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May 29, 2009, 10:38 am
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Sometimes I totally geek out about data collection. I can’t even explain; it’s just a thing I find myself doing. Without any sort of apology I present to you a pie chart of the ways in which I was told “Happy Birthday!” yesterday:

[click to embiggen]

The important thing to note here is that a certain social networking site will gladly tell you exactly when your friends birthdays are, and because of this (plus the ease of leaving a message for another user on said site) it shot to the top of the charts in terms of quantity of messages.

In terms of quality, though, the homemade cupcakes I received yesterday beat hell out of everything else.

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Wait what about MeanLair???

Comment by kerry

Yeah I bet that was close texts…

Comment by rhino

Nice data breakdown. If I can get it past security, I’ll soon have a picture that would blow your data crunching mind.

Comment by Chad

Yeah maaannnnn…

Comment by rhino

I left you birthday wishes on a site we are both aware of. I’m just sayin’.
Miss you!

Comment by Holly

I’m sure my poorly sung rendition of “happy birthday” left on your voice mail was a close second, right! 😉 I’m totally making those cupcakes, btw! YUM!!

Comment by Claire

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