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December 11, 2006, 8:48 pm
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Every now and then we all (yes, you too) get struck with a bit of internet-narcissism and we go looking for references to ourselves online. I got three of me that I want to share with you.

The one of which I am most proud is this: Photojojo using one of my pictures in a tutorial. Amit had originally written to me to ask if my grocery store vegetable panorama could be used in a pano tutorial – guess that one never appeared, but I’m still rather flattered that I got used at all. I love Photojojo and any involvement is wonderful.

The middle one is Twelvety using a picture from our trip to Ocracoke. I didn’t even take the picture (Katie did) but the act of him linking to it has bumped it up into the ranks of my top 20 most-viewed pics on Flickr.

The last, the one of which I am most proud, says simply this: “Kevin O’Mara has the best CC-licensed sideburns on Flickr.”

Damn straight.

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Congratulations on getting your veggies glued to some guy’s spotted dick!

Seriously, though, congrats. Internet fame is cool.

Comment by JTJ

Thanks for your kind words, Abraham. I love that picture! (If we’re lucky it might show up in a version of the same tutorial in the next JPG magazine—fingers crossed!)


Comment by Amit

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