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January 12, 2007, 12:54 am
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Tonight was one of those nights on the internet where I have no idea how I ended up where I ended up, but I was certainly glad to have arrived there. I originally started reading the LiveJournal of Todd Alcott (a writer of things, apparently) because of his commentary on Venture Bros episodes. Deeper in his archives I found really good words on one of my favorite topics: movies by the Coen Brothers.

I find these analyses fascinating because I am a very simple man. I don’t enjoy looking for symbolism, I am terrible at picking apart allegory, metaphor goes right over my head, and I just do an all-around poor job at understanding what point a writer is trying to get across to me. Now, I’m not so dense as to be unable to understand the underlying meaning once someone relates it to me – I just don’t take the time (or am perhaps just unable to) pick it out for myself.

That’s why reading the following is so fascinating:
The Hudsucker Proxy
The Man Who Wasn’t There
Raising Arizona
The Big Lebowski

… it really explains to me why I like these movies, or the Coen Brothers’ work in general. It also proves I am a Lazy American who would prefer someone else do my work.

Thank you, Todd Alcott.

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