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I can spell polyethylene in my sleep
January 16, 2007, 12:00 am
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Where in the wide wide world of Cookeville can I find some decent 2 oz polyethylene bottles (like so)? I’ve looked at Kroger, several drugstores, and (ugh) Wal-Mart hoping to find something like that in the travel containers section. No luck. I don’t remember seeing them at any of the camping stores, but maybe I’m wrong.

Don’t tell me I’m gonna have to order them off of the internet. Seems silly – they’re just little bottles! Surely they are around here somewhere. I’d pick some up at REI in Nashville but I’m not going there any time soon and I’d like to have them within a reasonable time frame.

Anyway, that’s just more useless complaining by yours truly. You got any idea where they may be hiding, you let me know.

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Don’t they have those at Hobby Lobby?

Comment by Steven

I know that we got some at our local camping supply store (BRMS), but that doesn’t mean that the ones in Cookeville have them.

Comment by Jason C

I get them at Wal*Mart in the health and beauty section.

Comment by Matt

have you been to outdoor experience? if they don’t have it they would probably order it for you. they are good about doing stuff like that.

Comment by mary

i reckon i could send you some from the container store. i need some too, for travel.

Comment by Ryan

Turns out that the Outdoor Experience did have some – they were in a multi-pack hanging on a peg I didn’t see, instead of in the display case with the few others I did see (and that weren’t what I wanted).

So as of today I am happy. Hooray polyethylene, may you never give us cancer or some other funky disease.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara


You might try the camping store on the square above Lamp and Lighthouse. They have a great supply of gear.

Comment by Gary

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