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August 10, 2006, 4:49 pm
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So. Things. Right? You’re very excited about what’s going on in my life, right?

I know I am.

I haven’t done much during the day because I’ve been working at my Dad’s office. I went by to say hi to him last week and he said, “Okay, show up on Monday” and so I did. I now know far more about pleadings, depositions, discovery, notes, research, and so forth than I ever wanted to.

This weekend was going to be my trip to Asheville, NC but I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to go early next week instead of this weekend. It’s not ’cause there’s anything fun going on here (in particular, that is, no offense to anyone that has plans, which I don’t know about, you should call me with these ‘plans’) but just that I originally wanted to go during the week and then shifted my plans to accomodate my temp work, and just decided that I still wanted to go during the week. I dunno why.

I’ve applied for a job here in Cookeville which is something I didn’t envision doing. However, it’s a job that would require me to be on the business end of a camera, and I can’t pass up the opportunity to have ‘professional photographer’ on my resume, even if it is studio stuff, pets, kids. It’ll be fun – if I get it.

The most exciting thing that’s happened to me lately was breaking into Jim’s apartment after he locked his keys inside. His cat was most definitely not used to seeing people come in through the window. “Out your door and innuendo,” I always say. Or have said. Once. Last night.

Past that? Man, nothing. I’ve been swimming a lot. It’s my new second-favorite thing (aside from taking pictures). I’m trying to enjoy my vacation but it’s slowly (read: sloooooowly) sinking in that it’s permanent and I really should start looking for a job and a place to live (should the photography thing not work out).

Time to go pull a fresh pile of pics off of the camera. I’ll call you if there’s something good.

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Hope the photography opportunity works out for ya bro.

Comment by henry r.

Thank you. I do as well.

Comment by komara

Hey ace, that sounds … er, ace. The photography gig, that is. Izzit Sears/Wal-Mart portrait or an independent studio?

Comment by A Terrifying Robot, so please consider being terrified.

The job in photography sounds like a good fit for you, Kevin. You’re photos sure impress the hell out of me, but I’m also easily amused.

I hope you’re back in C’Ville by the following weekend, since Angela and I will be down to help her parents move. We were really looking forward to getting to hang out with you some.

Comment by Jason C

Hey Robot – it’s some independent joint, so no Sears for me.

Jason – I’ll probably be around. Even if Asheville entices me to move there I’ll still have to find a job and apartment which probably won’t happen in the blink of an eye.

Comment by komara

Best wishes with the photography.

In case Asheville is a not your style, have you ever checked out Chattanooga? It’s my favorite Tennessee town. Not to big, neat independent shops, the old downtown area is being renovated, and there’s hiking around and about.

Comment by Stacie

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