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April 16, 2007, 9:40 pm
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I realize that you’re dying to know if I’ve gotten enough funds together to buy that new lens I was talking about. Well, after getting rid of a few superfluous possessions, raiding my massive change box (thanks, blackjack), and analyzing my finances the answer is yes. I’m very pleased. The lens is on order and I can’t wait. I’m so happy.

You know what else makes me happy? My good friend Liz Kassera. We are Super Best Gemini Friends Forever because we share the same birthday – to the year, even, not just the day of the month. Our birthday is coming up in just a month and a half. I can’t believe it. I’m just glad that now I have someone who knows exactly how old I feel.

Speaking of feeling, I feel a little bad. I just spent a lot of money on that lens. I may not be able to buy Liz anything nice for our birthday. However, there’s an upside to this. The only physical possession in the world that I want right now is that lens, and … well, I just bought it. What I’m saying is that there’s nothing I need. There’s nothing I even really want.

So I ask of you, my bestest friends and relatives and friends’ relatives and relatively friendly people, please don’t get me anything for my birthday. Instead, I want to ask you to get it for Liz instead. Send my birthday presents to Liz! Thing is, Liz is a good person too, and she spends her time thinking about others more than she does thinking about herself. That’s why she’s doing the Breast Cancer 3-Day – a 60-mile walk to show her dedication to helping make someone else’s life better. That’s more than I’m doing. That’s more than most of us are doing.

I’m being serious here. For my birthday I want nothing more than for you to donate to Liz’s walk. It’ll make me a lot happier than a birthday cake and some books and DVDs and whatever else. It’ll make me happy. It’ll make Liz happy. Best of all, it’ll help change someone’s life.

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That’s a long walk.

Comment by Jim

thanks kevin for posting this! and thanks to your supportive friends! you guys are awesome.

and for those of you carrying around the 3 day moo cards….the address is wrong. (yikes!) look for new ones soon.

Comment by liz

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