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April 21, 2007, 11:41 am
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The gas station convenience stores are calling me. I have the desire to go out and find the strangest old-school drink that I can. None of this Red Bull / Rockstar energy drink crap. I’m gonna go find something like Jolt Cola or Peach Nehi or Faygo Redpop or something else equally wonderfully nasty. When I find it, I’m gonna drink it, and when I drink it it’s gonna be good.

Edit: found it. Well, not it exactly, but something relatively esoteric.

Found it

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mmmmm Nehi Peach is my fave!…tasty.

Comment by Maig

Me too! We’d get one when we’d go to the lake or Burgess Falls.

Comment by stacie

In the tri-cities area of TN, you can find Dr. Enuf which is from Tri-Cities Bottling. I’ll have to bring you some. They have regular (somewhat like 7up or ginger ale) and cherry flavored.

Comment by Rebecca

I used to drink Dr. Enuf (regular, never tried the Cherry). I’d get it here in Cookeville. Don’t know if you can still find it here or not.

I remember it tasting like lemon/lime and vitamin pill (but in a good way). The floorboard of Don Sergio’s Honda used to be filled with Dr. Enuf bottles (there must have been hundreds of ’em).

Comment by JTJ

Rebecca, JTJ:


Comment by Kevin O'Mara

Ha! I’m too slow. I clicked on your post to comment about Dr. Enuf. Looks like people beat me to it.

Dr. Enuf is awesome. I used to get cases of it every trip to Knoxville while going to TN TECH. It got me through so many hangovers, late night studying, plus it cured my joint pain, whooping cough, the common cold, and polio!

Did you know that same Tri-Cities Bottling first introduced Mountain Dew before it got bought by one of the big guys?

Comment by dranktank

You make the labels! And their rootbeer is fantastic.

Comment by Patrick

Ah~lots of good stories about Dr. Enuf.

A similar, local soda is Ale 8 (1), written as Ale 8 superscript 1 which is found in central KY. I had never heard of it before living there for college. It, too, has a ginger ale/vitamin/lemon-lime flavor.

Comment by Rebecca

Ah, Ale-8-1. I’ve had that many a time.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

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