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April 22, 2007, 12:05 pm
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Righteous Kung Fu Chris

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I want to be a better photographer.

So! Because of this I tend to offer my services to my friends. “If you ever need anything photographed just give me a call.” Well, obviously, most people don’t just ‘need something photographed’ but you know, it’s out there. Anyway, my friend Chris was the first one to take me up on that offer. Wait, no, that’s not true – there’s someone else that needs something done (HI MARY) but that’s gonna require actual thought and setup and caution and professionalism. Chris just wanted to go take some pictures.

And we did, we went and took a bloody ton, and of course I learned a million things while I was doing it. One thing in particular I learned is that my hands are not as steady as I give them credit for. Better to have high ISO noise than blurry shots. I will remember this. Regardless, Chris was pleased with the results enough to say, “i’m going through them now and it’s like christmas, even though i was there and i know what’s coming.”

Yes. Productive day all around. I learned things. I made a friend happy. I have more goods in my little fake portfolio. I have a contact that can say, “Yes, I took Kevin up on his offer and the results were magnificent, darling, you simply *must* let him shoot you” (NOTE: Chris does not actually talk like this), and then most importantly I learned things. Free experience! What could be better?

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“Free experience! What could be better?”
Free beer

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