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And now welcome back to Food Talk with your host, Kevin O’Mara
May 6, 2007, 2:54 pm
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Thanks! Good to be back. We have an awesome show for you today. First up is a little note for all you Cookeville people. Who here lives in Cookeville?

[ scattered applause and cheering ]

Great, I thought so! Well listen, if you like bread – and don’t we all – then you gotta visit the Mexican bakery here in town. It’s on Hickory between Broad and 1st Street in that old building that used to be a washateria. You know where I’m talking about? I saw a guy in there today with his tray piled a foot high with every kind of bread you can imagine and his total was only twelve bucks. They have normal bread, pastries, filled pies (or empeñadas if you prefer) and even a ham and cheese croissant. You gotta check this out! You know what? You’re all so awesome that you probably already have.

[ audience: awwwwwww ]

Secondly, I have another recommendation for you. You may think you’re adventurous. How many of you are adventurous?

[ wild clapping and hooting ]

Well DON’T BE.

[ crickets ]

At least not with regards to new Pepsi Summer Mix (tropical fruit flavored cola: great job). Be on the lookout for this bottle and avoid at all costs:

That is, unless you might have somehow thought that dissolving a handful of Jolly Ranchers plus half a bag of cotton candy into your Pepsi was a good idea.

[ audience: ugh, eww, etc. ]

Let it never be said that I won’t take one for the team. Dranktank, you can thank me later.

Alright, folks, that pretty much wraps up the show for today. I need to get to a hospital to have this sudden onset of diabetes taken care of. Goodnight!

[ applause, lights down ]

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I’d read about that bakery in a little paper (maybe called the Explorer?) one time on a visit to Gridge’s.

At one point, I went driving trying to find it, but couldn’t remember where on Hickory it was. At the time, it was so new that it wasn’t listed in the phone book.

I’m glad to know it’s still in business and look forward to trying it on my next visit.

Comment by Rebecca

Wow. Haven’t seen that one yet. Thanks for screening it. I certainly have a tendency to buy crap like that.

Comment by dranktank

that’s what you get for buying a pepsi.

Comment by mary

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