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Happy Mothers’ Day
May 13, 2007, 8:13 pm
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My mom just got back from a little vacation to Florida. I was expecting her to return with a present for me, namely:
+ One Canon 80-200mm telephoto lens

But instead, she returned with, in ascending order of awesome:
+ One t-shirt with prints of old-timey kitchen implements
+ One coffee mug that fits my collection perfectly (I have the most hip coffee mug collection in town, ask anyone, no, seriously, it’s true)
+ One bottle of wine
+ One Canon 80-200mm telephoto lens
+ One bottle of Roddenbery’s Cane Patch Syrup
+ One jar of guava jelly (if you don’t know what this is you are missing out on life, and don’t come over and ask to try mine because I ain’t sharing with NO ONE)

And that, folks, is why my mom rules.

Okay, I can’t lie – my Dad had a big hand in choosing and bringing a lot of this stuff. Maybe I should have split this list in half and posted the latter portion on Fathers’ Day or something. Or maybe I’ll just make up something then and leave Mom out of it to make it even.

BUT ANYWAY my mom is probably way cooler and more awesome than your mom, but I don’t want to say that too loud ’cause what’s the point of making you cry on Mothers’ Day? That’s just mean.

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My mom’s so awesome that I would go to Florida with her and get my own presents, y’know, to save her the trouble of getting them packed into her luggage.

Comment by Rebecca

I’ve never even seen this guava jelly of which you speak.

Comment by stacie

I know, Stacie – it comes from the far away land of Florida or Points Further South. It’s fairly unknown up here, which is why it’s so wonderful that they brought some. My parents being Floridians has something to do with why I know and love it.

We’ll ask the T-Boys about it; I bet they’ve had some.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

I just got back from a week on the South Carolina coast. While picking up food for the week at the local Piggly Wiggly, I saw the bottle of Roddenbery’s Cane Patch Syrup. And based on your enthusiasm for the product, I immediately reached for it. Then I noticed the ENORMOUS 40 ounce JUG of Roddenbery’s right next to it. “Does Kevin O’Mara know about this?” was my first thought. My second thought was about the huge mess that would result from trying to get that stuff out of such a large container. I bought the small bottle.

Comment by Patrick


Never heard of such a thing.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

Hey, I LIVE on the South Carolina coast. I wonder if I can buy a jug of Roddenbery’s Cane Patch syrup at the Pig (that’s what those of us in the know call the Piggly Wiggly–Patrick clearly is not as cool as I am).

Comment by Alison

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