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Heath vs. Skor
May 24, 2007, 11:41 am
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Heath vs Skor

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I realize this is incredibly dorky but this is also one of those things that I do for fun, which says a lot about me, I suppose. I have always loved Heath and Skor bars, and only today at age 30 (nearly 31, ugh) did I ever decide to compare the two. Usually I’ll just grab whichever one is closer to me when I’m in the candy bar aisle. Today I picked up both.

There’re a lot of discussions or debates on the internet about Heath vs. Skor online but this is my own interpretation, and hopefully a bit more condensed than some.

For starters the biggest surprise was that they’re both made by Hershey Corp. I had always assumed that they were two competing companies.

Physical appearance:
Both Heath and Skor have the same external appearance – almost exactly the same color of chocolate, same scoring pattern on the underside. Heath is ever-so-slightly thicker whereas Skor is thinner and wider. Without the two side-by-side it’d be hard to tell.

Heath is a much lighter color inside, with more visible almond chunks. Skor is darker and more homogenous.

milk chocolate; sugar; dairy butter; partially hydrogenated soybean oil; almonds; salt; artificial flavor; and soy lecithin
milk chocolate; sugar; dairy butter (milk); almonds; milk; and salt

The sub-ingredients for the milk chocolate are the same so I didn’t bother to list them. My initial impression favors Skor for simplicity of ingredients. If you can make a good candy without having to use artificial flavors then do it!

Heath bites with a more crumbly and sticky toffee whereas Skor is more firm and brittle. At first I preferred the Heath, but as time went on the Skor won out.

And finally,
Here’s where the real difference was, and I didn’t even expect it. Having never tasted them side-by-side I just assumed they were basically the same, but no. Heath comes in with an immediate nutty kick, which leads me to believe that part of the ‘artificial flavor’ is solely to enhance the almondosity of the bar. Skor has a far richer toffee flavor, as if the toffee were cooked down longer, and has far less of an immediate almond impact.

Skor is the winner, hands-down. I know it’s ridiculous to consider the ‘healthiness’ of a candy bar but I still prefer simpler and fewer ingredients. The toothsomeness of the bar appeals to me – by the end of the Heath it seems a bit smashy-chewy, whereas the Skor retains crunch. Finally, the flavor of the Heath seems a bit manipulated whereas Skor comes across more natural yet at the same time more intense.

And now you know. That is, if you read this far.

I love you, Skor! I’ll never betray you again.

Well, you know, unless I need a Heath Blizzard from DQ or something.

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i’m glad you are such a nerd. this is awesome. happy almost b-day.

Comment by liz

I enjoyed it, too. I’ve never had a Skor, but now will need to try one. I’m in total agreement with you on the ingredients, even though I hardly ever eat candy bars.

Happy almost birthday from me, too!

Comment by Kelly Piepmeier

Thanks for the comparison. I’m not patronizing you when I say this was interesting and helpful to me in making toffee bar choices. I agree about ingredients, and am surprised to learn that a mass produced candy bar is still made with simple ingredients–without the artificials and fillers. nice post!

Comment by rebecca

My plan for Skor world domination is in effect.

Comment by Kevin O'Mara

This is my favorite post of the internet.

Comment by Jon Morris

Can’t find Skor bars!

Comment by rebecca

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